Lions with their facial expressions say a lot in their statute form:

If a Lion is roaring, the symbol is power, prestige or courage!
Male Lion resting a paw on an embroidered ball during imperial times, it represents supremacy and power in its world!

A female Lion restraining a playful cub represents nurture and love! (Old Town Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China)

Lions symbolic Strength changes throughout the world:

During the Greek and Roman Era the Lion symbolizes a fallen hero and was used as a guardian of gates, temples and public buildings. (Sarcophagus – Roman Agora, Athens, Greece) (Lion Gate, Acropolis, Mycenae, Greece)

The Lions of China stood in front of Palaces, Imperial Tombs, government offices, temples, and homes of the privileged and wealthy. It's believed they possess mystic protective powers. (Forbidden City and Summer Palace, both in Beijing, China)

In Ancient Egypt, The lion made reference to water and was usually displayed at rest, carved with a formal rough mane or as a protector outside the pyramids. (Philae Temple of Isis, Egypt)

Government Agencies have used the Lion often in Architectural representation. Patience and Fortitude, the large lions outside the main branch of the New York Public Library. These are mascots of the New York Public Library System serving the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Pearlworks loves the Lion and has adopted it for their Mascot!

Pearlworks uses the Lion much like ancient history. Still in today's society we are drawn to their beauty. Lions represent Courage and Strength! We use the lion often in all Architectural Ornamentation: Onlays, Columns, Capitals, Friezes, Center Pieces, Cartouches, Drawer Pulls, Fireplace Bases, panels, etc. These components can be used in any area of your home, hotel, restaurants, exterior use, etc. Most often exposed in entries and libraries used as the focal point and decorated around the “King of the Beasts!”.