It’s the Fall Season and everyone is up in arms with the first Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate. I always find this amusing…… depending on your philosophy about how this country should be run, everyone has such strong feelings on the subject. Please get out and VOTE this November so you have a right to gripe!

In one camp, Democrats, believe free education and free handouts is ones God given rights….the other, Republicans, believe that hard work and pay your own way is the way to create a great country. Either way the three topics I try to avoid are religion, politics, and nutrition!

This type of compassion is evident in the woodworking industry as well. I have lost count on how many times I have heard….I’ve been doing this for 30 years son …I think I know how to get it done! Just because you have been doing something for so long does not mean you have been doing it right or more importantly efficiently.

One of the luxuries of being in this business is I talk to hundreds of trades people every month. Most of the time, the topic is technically related. Something didn’t work right or hey, it worked great. Either way, I learn from both sides of the issue. When I try to pass-on these “words of wisdom” I get the famous line……Son I’ve been doing this for 30 years blah,blah,blah….and so on.

One of the biggest issues with using resin is cracking or splitting of the resin. 99.9 % of the time it’s an installation issue. Now of course, this is the last thing the installer wants to hear.

If you want to work with resin you must learn its strengths and learn its limitations. Resin has so many benefits that far out weigh the negatives. All the leading wood carving companies also have a resin line……all of these highly successful companies with beautiful designs have gone to resin for one reason ……it’s a great material to work with and offers cost benefits that no other material can match …..period!

With that being said you also must learn how to install it correctly to get all the benefits resin has to offer.

The main reason resin will crack is from stressing the material. You cannot bend the material beyond its limitations. If you do this and then apply a nail you have created a stress point that will crack in time. So how do you figure that out? The simple answer is experience…….but the best answer is ask your resin supplier and send them your application requirements and get their opinion on what should be used.

If your resin supplier does not have an experienced installer on staff that can offer options you better find another company to buy from.

Your resin supplier should offer you different flex options of material for different applications.

Your resin supplier should offer making custom radiuses depending on your application.

Your resin supplier should offer options on how to complete the job at hand by suggesting installation techniques based on experience.

Your resin supplier should educate you on the right glue and adhesives to use and proper nail sizes for different applications.

Your resin supplier should educate you on how to prep and prepare the material for either stain or paint finishes. They should have experience on different finish techniques and types of finish materials to use. This would include water base, lacquer, oil, and classic alcohol stains and the vast new products developed every year to help you the customer properly prepare the material for final finishing.

Most importantly, your resin supplier should tell you when something can’t be done! In my 20+ years of selling and manufacturing resin products I have always found a way to accomplish and finish a project using resin. I may have modified the installation technique or changed materials used or even modified the design to make it work …….either way we found a way to finish the job.

Your resin supplier should not just be order takers…..they are your support team that will help guide and suggest design and installation techniques that will make you the go to guy on the job!

When you find the right resin supplier you will have the team behind you as support for any issue that may arise. To me that’s what a vendor or supplier should be to its customers and that’s what we do at Pearlworks! Our educated sales staff if here to help answer any of these issues or questions.