Architectural panels have been used for centuries by Architects throughout the world to create inspirational designs for many different applications ranging from ceilings, walls, cabinetry and furniture.

The raw materials to make the panels in this time period were primarily based on using carved wood, Plaster and Composition. All three of these materials for the day were considered revolutionary. Depending on what you were building one of the three by itself or in combination would do the job.


During this historic time period….. materials were more expensive and the labor was relatively inexpensive. Wood hand carvings are very time consuming and labor intensive, plaster is inexpensive to produce but it is very heavy and labor intensive to install. Composition ornamentation is inexpensive and quick to produce. The negatives are the molds to produce composition only have positive drafts. Positive draft molds do not produce as realistic and dramatic a part as negative draft molds. To make matters even worse…. composition must be steamed to release the adhesives to apply it…… This is not an easy task to do. Another issue!……. who makes a steamer for composition….. Most installers make this piece of equipment. It’s not something that the average person can go out and buy. Needless to say all the materials have their pros and cons.


Today, manufacturers have access to advanced materials such as polyester and urethane materials that are flexible, more durable, don’t rot, termites can’t eat it and most important….. Vastly easier and quicker to install using all standard wood glues and carpenter tools. This new technology available today has more advantages of the old materials without any of the negatives. Pearlworks Panels are designed using our exclusive “MODULAR” system. The modular system is integrated into all our panels that are designed to be linked together for full coverage of walls or ceilings. Our Stile and Rail door panels are revolutionary as they allow the complete door to be built and installed and then adding the detail to the door later. This option lets cabinet manufacturers apply the optional details later so the client can see which one fits best. This is a Pearlworks exclusive! No other manufacturer can offer this type of modular system.


The panels can be coated in any type of stain or paint finish. Any and All oil, lacquer, shellac, or water base products can be used with equal ease.

Our belief is offering our clients multiple options that can easily be integrated into the their designs with little effort at affordable prices builds long lasting relationships.