What makes your project special? Architectural Ornamentation Details can make any project SPECIAL! Anyone can build a box or install a plain door, but when you add architectural ornamentation details your project becomes SPECIAL! It is easy to miss an opportunity to add some pumpkin and spice to your design projects. Even Starbucks has a spicy fall beverage option that is warm! It is amazing what a little color can do for your “beige” room! With the cooler seasons coming, the warm colors of deep orange and autumn leaves of yellows and browns are the current hype….

When we think of details at Pearlworks, the architectural details and designs are endless! From our Freestyle Design concept to our carved Escutcheon plates and hinge details are amazing! Our Escutcheon Plates are made modular and are retrofit for any door handle using standard round openings 2-3/4” diameter. These carvings can be installed in minutes and offers a lot of detail at affordable prices. These featured plates for drawers and doors can be painted or stained to match any decor. Even the hinge detail can dress up a door with ease!

Freestyle Details can be created to fit any opening size or wall panels. Pearlworks carries over 3000 production parts and can create endless possibilities. For wall panels, we blend a freestyle design and a “couple connection mouldings” and you have amazing details with affordable pricing options!

When you are ready to start your new project check out our Architectural Ornamentation Details and create your own unique look simple easy! www.pearlworksinc.com