Throughout history, the Keystone was used as the building block of arches. Keystone is defined as the wedge-shaped stone piece at the apex of a masonry arch, the generally round one at the apex of a vault. In both cases it is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the stones into position, allowing the arch or vault to bear weight.

Today with modern buildings, the keystone is no longer needed to be the weight bearing piece. Keystones are used today as a decorative piece in architectural arches to get the “old world look”, from exterior to interior designs. These styles can be found in Europe such as Paris and around the world!

Donald Trump has a more European in Grandeur look about his styles. Mar-A-Lago’s Private Club in Palm Beach, Florida, shows the keystones exquisite possibilities. Where the Clinton Clan has a more Classical Simple Farm House Style in most of their properties.

Pearlworks Keystones have a unique 'extended' look and are specifically designed for arched entries, window surrounds, and of course cabinetry.

We even have a Keystone that is made for curved applications for radius top doors and windows. Typically, radius doors and window casings have a joint where the radius and straight pieces meet. When you use a keystone, you can cast the sides of each arch in one piece which eliminates the seam. This not only looks better but it saves substantial time and cost in blending the seams. This makes Pearlworks designs smart for your wallet and gives the perfect look to your archways without breaking the bank!

Another design technique used at Pearlworks is recessing a keystone in crown molding. This is a unique look that very few carpenters do because of the difficulty. Because our moldings are flexible they can even be done with radius designs. If you are trying to achieve a classic one of a kind look, give us a call; for over 18 years Pearlworks has designed and manufactured the products to take finish carpentry to a new level of excellence!