3D Mouldings AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK NOW from Pearlworks, our NEW Contemporary 3D Mouldings in many concave and convex styles and sizes. Our Pearlworks 3D Moulding has an adjustable pattern for multiple looks using the same moulding.

Unlike Square 3D panels that are hard to handle and extremely time intensive to blend all four edges. Our contemporary 3D mouldings are designed for quick installation with minimal blending required. Installation time is 90% less than square 3D wall panels.

Our Pearlworks Flexible Resin 3D mouldings can be installed on flat or curved surfaces. There is NO panel on the market today that can accommodate curves!

Easy Installation, the 3D moulding will accept all standard paints or stains for easy finishing. It can be applied directly to any solid surface including drywall, using all standard wood working tools. There is Less than 10% waste factors with this style moulding.